Petals of wisdom touch ground in Costa Rica

Petals of wisdom touch ground in Costa Rica

    A friend of mine who is an amazing chef!  And prepares food with absolute joy and creativity has recently been to Costa Rica to cook for a yoga retreat.  Chef Justin served Petals of Wisdom to the retreatants, and they loved it.


This is what a breakfast looks like. Yumm!!! So colorful and nourishing.

You can find Chef Justin at 

Justin will be at a LOTUSWEI Flowerlounge event in Austin, Texas cooking up some delicious treats for all the guests.  If you are curious: "what is a flower lounge?" ~ check it out at

Wisdom Nectar Tea will be served and available for purchase at the Flowerlounge.

You will not want to miss this transformative event.  My daughter and I will both be there.  It would be wonderful to see you!

Did I forget to say there will be flower mandalas, chocolate infused with flower essences, meditation with flower essences, beautiful foods to nourish your Sacred body and practices to open your Sacred Heart. 

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