In 2019, I traveled to Asia with my family and spent some time in Taiwan & Singapore.

In tropical Singapore, it rains almost every afternoon. You know not to go out without your umbrella … unless you want to get soaked from head to toe, of course.

One afternoon while it was raining, I sat looking out the window watching the rain come down.

At that moment, I received one auspicious download for an entire series of paintings.

A totally rare occurrence, as this has never happened to me before.

I saw images with crystal clear clarity. Colors in all their vibrancy. I even could visualize the size of the canvas each painting needed to be on.

Though of course, everything changes as it goes from idea to paint.

Impermanence – everything always changes.

This download became what is now my Bardo Series – a collection of 6 paintings:

The Bardo of Becoming
The Bardo of Living
The Bardo of Sleep
The Bardo of Sleeplessness
The Bardo of Ocean
The Bardo of Dying

“Bardo” is the Tibetan word for “in-between”.

Intermediate state.
Transitional period.

In a Bardo, we are alone. When we sleep, when we die, when we take birth – we are alone.

In a Bardo, we are in our own minds projection – how we see the world & what we believe to be true.

I painted these pieces during the Bardo of Covid – the in-between that felt eternal.

These paintings are my mind’s projections, on canvas with paint, of the Bardos.

Over the next 6 weeks, I am inspired to share the story of each one.

I hope you find beauty & truth in them.

Over & out,

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