All paintings by Alison Van Wyck, founder of Wisdom Nectar

Sky Flowers

At special times, the sky is full of flowers.  

Not many people can perceive this auspicious phenomenon, though some feel dew of petals falling on their skin.  

Larger than life, I painted this so I could see it & share it with others.

Dimensions: 84" X 84”


A response to a friend to paint ablution: to cleanse & wash away impurities.

The writing streaming through the waterfall is the Tibetan Sanskrit 100-syllable Vajrasattva mantra.

Dimensions: 96" X 36”

Ah in Space

Ah is the seed syllable for speech & expression.  

I did a series of Sanskrit writing playing between the symbol & illusion of space. 

This one cuts through space like a knife.

Dimensions: 48" X 36”

Bardo of Sleeplessness

We’ve all been in this state & know its quality. This image came to me very clearly as a moon reflected in water.

During this time, there occurred a lunar eclipse which was red in color with a smudge of darkness down the center - like a thumbprint on the moon.  

What is the edge the moon <sits> on?

Bardo of Sleep

Bardo is the in-between — usually the big one between death & life.  

There are other in-between states, like sleep.

Dimensions: 50" X 72”


There are channels in the body where the winds & drops flow — collecting in the center column at key places: wheels.  

This painting shows the wheels of the crown, throat, heart & center.

Dimensions: 36" X 30”