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Full of nutritive fruits and Traditional Chinese root herbs, this exquisite blend of long-life herbs boosts vitality & gives you strength.

2.5 oz • loose leaf • caffeine free

Organic Ingredients

Cinnamon, Goji Berries, Elderberries, Linden Leaf, Oregon Grape Root, Astragalus, Cardamom, Eleuthero Root

How To Brew

For a cup of tea, steep 1 tablespoon for 5 minutes. For a hardier effect, simmer covered for 10 to 15 minutes.

When To Drink

• Every change of season
• As a coffee alternative
• At the onset of cold or flu

FORMERLY: immune support

Round, luscious & indulgent.

Don’t wait to feel symptoms to drink this supportive blend of delicious immune boosters.

Featured Painting: Channels

by founder Alison Van Wyck

There are channels in the body where the winds & drops flow — collecting in the center column at key places: wheels. 

This painting shows the wheels of the crown, throat, heart & center.

oil on canvas 36" X 30”

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