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An enriching tisane for a happy belly. Specially formulated for mothers, but a nourishing blend for all.

2 oz • loose leaf • caffeine free

Organic Ingredients

Red Clover Blossoms, Fenugreek Seed, Raspberry Leaf, Alfalfa, Nettle, Ginger & Blessed Thistle

How To Brew

For a cup of tea, steep 1 tablespoon for 5 minutes.

When To Drink

• As a digestive
• To ease an upset stomach
• When pregnant or nursing

Featured Painting:

by founder Alison Van Wyck

New life forming; not yet inhabited by spirit. An invitation fraught with the drive to grow. 

When I got the download for this painting, it was very specific: the initial curl of migrating cells forming the central column of a fetus. From emptiness → to the realm of form. 

This painting still looks unfinished to me. But maybe that’s because it’s … becoming.

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