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A powerful blend designed specifically for male vitality and endurance. A support for kidneys, prostate and increased night vision.

2.5 oz • loose leaf • caffeine free

Organic Ingredients

Saw Palmetto Berries, Sage, Rosehips, Bilberries, Red Clover Blossoms, Uva Ursi and Wild Cherry Bark.

How To Brew

For a cup of tea, steep 1 teaspoon for 15 minutes. For a pot of tea, steep 2 heaping teaspoons in a teapot for 15 minutes.

When To Drink

• As a pre-workout 

• As an evening relaxer

• While camping or sitting by a fire

Featured Painting: Melting Sky

by founder Alison Van Wyck

I like the old idea of the sky being a dome over the earth. In this painting, I was looking at the sky as a magical net, using the mysterious structure of gravity – which is my favorite reference. 

This painting is a ‘what if’ painting: 

What if this net dissolved? 

What if water became sky – and sky became water?

What if gravity is love?

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